Mining the Bright Birds

I strain towards the future
My eyes focusing 
on the far away
past the empty, quiet gray,
like looking for a hummingbird
in the snow.

I squint to see the fine
twig lines
across the white,
over the green,
in front of the sleeping brown
and spy her there,
a gemstone
stately in her stance
among the branches.

It is no effort, really,
this finding my way
through my days,
if I but gentle my 
busy self,
settle and sit
sip and settle
and welcome the daytime darkness
while mining the bright birds.
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Traveling through the Valley

When you have walked
through the valley of the shadow
and death came anyway
(not to you, 
for you did.not.die)
and there is breath in you
to greet the day.
when you survive the 
shredding of your soul
to its core
and the disappearance of 
all other challenges--
man made, God-breathed--
like snow--
can only provide 
another opportunity
to see which way 
you will be strong
this time.
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