Flying Lesson

I just saw three chickadees stun themselves,
Mama Bird watching from the patio post,
hopeful their wings and their wisdom would coincide
with the air.
They collided instead with the window I see through now,
fateful  glass a barrier to their flight and freedom
impeding the discovery of their birdy selves as
creatures made for God’s pleasure and my joy.

My husband’s kind hand cradles the weaker of the two
as he attempts to restore the feathery treasure.
Gentle, he tips his palm slightly as the spindly claws
cling to this sure place.
At last a tentative hop! to the railing
and he rallies while we hold our breath.
I turn and look back—the bird has flown.

I marvel at the miracle of flight
and ponder the power of a gentle touch
and a sure hand
and the patience to push us
out of the nest to see if we can fly…

Food Lesson*

No one eats a slice
of lemon meringue pie
because they're hungry.
There's no sustenance in
golden brown gelatinous spun sugar.
No energy to be gained by consuming
a butter-laden yellow middle,
no food group that would deem
this crust of crumbs worthy of a bite.

But I consume anyway,
my eyes convincing me I must eat,
coming up hungry every time
(all those wasted calories!),
forgetting the Meal Ready to Eat
that promises
the solid, life-giving Something I need
to feed me body, soul and spirit,
placed before me on His table
where He calls me to come and dine.

*I Samuel 12:20-22

Heaven on Earth

Crickets and cicadas outside my window,
the electric nature drone 
of a bayou-breathed background--
fan overhead cools the delicious air
with a quiet hum,
like the tune of a song I know
from long ago....

visiting friends in New Orleans;
photos from their house across Lake Pontchartrain along
the Bogue Falaya.