Poetry at Work at Home

There is an altar here--
facing the supply cubbie
flanked by the printer
(bedecked with Post-it notes),
computer at my alternate elbow.

Stray crackers sit open
next to the pen and paper and glasses,
mid-snack, abandoned.

Paper, tape, scissors
stapler--all adorn this
secular cum sacred space.
How so?
I folded my hands 
in prayer and decided
to break bread
(and spoon soup)
at my husband's desk
on a Saturday.

There is poetry (and prayer) at work.
This post was prompted by Glynn Young's book "Poetry at Work", an eye-opening, succinct little volume urging us to see the poetry all around us even (especially) at work. Glynn has a day job but also blogs at Faith Fiction and Friends

Set in Stone-A Poem

A package came in the mail today
for me--
it said on the envelope.
I tore it open and looked inside.
There was joy on every page 
of The Book I found,
hard won joy from my Jesus
who said He was enough
to set me free
because He loved me.
"You're chosen," I read,
(me? imagine!)
treasured like a bride
(because I am, you know).
He said He came
because I am valuable,
worth dying for,
beloved as a child
(for I am, you know)
worth healing,
one wound-in-the-light
at a time.

I heard someone say
I think this is the manual for
how to be whole.
This poem is prompted by my reading of the book "Love Idol" by Jennifer Dukes Lee, releasing on April 1st (available March 21st on Amazon.)  
The words in bold are on a "Preapproved" printable available on Jennifer's website here.

What kind of lies do we worship and worry about instead of looking at Jesus?  
THAT is the question....there are some answers inside this book.