Poetry is Everywhere-City Version

(after Gerard Manley Hopkins)
Narrows Bridge, WA, photo by the author

Glory be to God for freeway things
For vehicles chrome-colored 
          as Airstream and kin
For billboards and tires that erstwhile sing
Lemony busses, soldiering vans 
         with commuters in.
Praise Him all wheels and pavement,
         battered, lined, worn
Peopled Hondas, Mercedes sleek,
        like shiny sovereigns born.
Sky bursts blue like everywhere all
And trees stay stately
        while we roll by on wings.
I need to learn how to write a proper sonnet, indeed. (I heard there's a book for that.)
But this was fun to try.
If God is, indeed, Creator of all, there is certainly beauty to be found even on the freeway.