Prayer Plant

I sit myself down in this place close to the light, 
darkness at the edges,
the tick, tick, ticking of night-time clocks
echoing in the quiet.
(Too loud.)
The plant's leaves behind me
unfurl towards the lamp's illumination,
artificial albeit bright.
I've noticed they're growing 
up and out, green with life
stretching for the light.
It may be time for a new home.
(Too small.)
I plant myself here couch-side
to pray, awakened by my Father.
“Tick, tick, tick”, I hear Him say, 
"make the most of the time." 
so I do, reading the Hallel Psalms,
remembering my Saviour,

(too kind) who on the night He was betrayed
left the twelve and moved to the garden
where He planted himself and prayed,
ushering in my move
from sin and death to life and freedom,
securing for both He and I (for we are kin),
our place in God's new home.


  1. "[Gethsemane} where he planted himself"-- I will carry this phrase with me all day.

    1. I was also thinking of the tree(cross)that was planted with Jesus at its center... Thank you for reading, friend.

  2. I really like how this flows, Jody. I think I need to unfurl more :-)