The Space Between Us

The space between us, bringing comfort,

Enough room to move.

So full, yet undefined,

Gray as the future, pregnant with hope.

Did I know, declaring on that day as I did….

Could I know?

Some many days’ hence

The space between would be
          tested, tried, stretched?

Shattered, tattered at the edges,
          Torn by time,
Pulling us in directions we needn’t go?

Ah, but time, wrapping around

Us like the edges of a quilt,

Pulling the mismatched pieces back together…

Yes, time, healing all wounds

Repairing all breaches

Protecting, surrounding, preserving.

Time and grace and space.

Just enough to come between us.


  1. smiles...i love the rebirth in this...the breaking of that space but then time like a quilt pulling you back...quilt is such a comfort too so really nice touch there...

  2. There's so much that time does, both rending apart and pulling together. Perspective offers such awareness, though at times we may not be prepared to see it. That is the education that time gives that you can't teach ever. I really liked the metaphor of the quilt, and the patched together qualitynthat brings together pieces that once seemed not to fit together.