Elderly gentleman at the bus stop
braving the chill this
cool, breezy spring morning
Bright orange backpack on,
crutches at his side.
How does he stand it?
all that bare baldness,
hat-free in the cold?
Wide ribbon of gray
encircling this head,
body erect, shoulders back.
Nimble hands holding
the schedule, eyes alert
searching for Route 405.

It’s early—people-on-their-way to work time,
drinking-morning-coffee-in-their-cars time
and he stands
and waits.

That knapsack is filled—
Clean water bottle at the ready.
Inside--more layers?
Today’s lunch?
Supplies to attend him
on his walking journey,
crutches standing tall
at attention.

Why would he ever let those slow him down?

Proverbs 16:31
“Gray hair is a crown of glory.  It is gained in a righteous life.”
How often we guess at the realities of the people we pass by, imagining all kinds of lives for them.  This poem was prompted by a quick glance at a stoplight over to the curb and well, there he was.

Sharing with dVerse Pub for Open Link Night 42--more great poems here.


  1. i think the walker probably sees more than any of us anyway, always rushing to get here and there and for what...though i dont mind public transport if for nothing else than the people to meet...

  2. Well done, Jody Lee! Poetry is born of those glances and moments that explode into our minds with details unseen. I really like this poem!

    1. Charles, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. This is my first 'snapshot' poem--(Brian Miller has a real gift for those). God just dropped the words into my spirit and I drove home and wrote them down!

  3. Paul McCartney turns 70 in a month, Barbra Streisand already has, Mick Jagger a year back. Some of the buck is out of the rockers but their strength, their bang, their critical ability is roaring on. The voyage from 40 to 70 is a quick ride on the freeway of life. Who knows how to answer the slowing of the body while the brain races on. Only sickness and disease can slow it and one continues as long as one can stay ahead of them, there are more miles to travel as fast as possible.

    A loving look at the elderly from the outside. Well penned.