Silence Ascends, Sunday

There's a lot one can say

     about the power of being 
     quiet (yes, I see the irony).
When listening forefronts the mind
     other senses muscle their 
     way into place (the ears above
     all) take in the not-words
     simply song, hum and tone
     in counterpoint.
No addition necessary; I am
     mute, yet the Word bursts
     alive, verse and chorus rise
     without me. The truth
     needs no help to stand.
Even when I'm not singing
     even if I'm not yes-ing it.
Sometimes you don't get an amen.


  1. Oh the paradox! Big yes to daily absorbing the Song upholding all, one slow nod to (killer) your last line.

  2. Thank you my poetic, singing friend.