I've Been Asking

because He said I could
about a Five Year Plan--
lke a plannable annuity
with a guaranteed return on
my investment.
as if...
as if a sure answer for my tomorrows would bring
me peace today.
He whispers instead what's doable--
the Five Hour Plan-a chunk 
of time allotted to say, oh, baking
a pie--
manageable, like a tried and true recipe
gather ingredients
check oven
double check recipe
mix, roll, bake
voila! a pie, sure as
Yes, I asked Jesus about
what's ahead...on down 
the road...
over the hill
and of course (you guessed it)
He handed me a peach.


  1. Replies
    1. oh, thank you Michelle. Maybe you'll have some time in the next few months to 'bake a pie' of your own (or whatever else God puts in your hand.)