Waiting Room

I wanted to write like Annie Dillard
not here
in the middle of this 
city/suburbs life.
Leave the concrete and
multiplying cars
with their inhuman noises,
seek a vista, a vale
of color and light,
to inspire and bring forth
words like a flowing brook
across quiet pebbles.
But I'm here in the hum,
surprised to be A Writer
in spite of my days of
down-to-earth distractions.

Every time I want to run away
to Another Perfect Place
the words follow me
like a homing pigeon
dropping his message 
like crumbs at my feet
where my life has
been all along.
"He who wants to save his life will lose it, but he who loses his life....will find it."  
Jesus in Matthew, Mark and Luke


  1. What's that saying? Bloom where you're planted? I so identify with your lovely poem! And it was so wonderful to meet you! Thank you again for inviting me :)

    1. Jennifer, thank YOU for coming--it was a pleasure to meet you as well.... There will be more writing get togethers--promise!