Manna Menu

Get your own bread,
stop grabbing off your sister's plate
and eyeing your brothers';
I gave them just what they need--
I'll do the same for you.

"What is it?"
"What is it?"
"But what IS it?!"**
You'll just have to taste and see.

"So what's good today?" you ask.

"We have seasonal items,
depending on what's ripe and ready.
Wouldn't want to give you anything too green--
causes indigestion."

"Like it??"
"Well, no, you can't stuff some
into your pockets for tomorrow."

"It'll either turn into crumbs
from the pressure
or get moldy--it's dark inside there--
and you'll forget I gave you anything in the first place."

"Don't cram it all down at once,
take small bites
then come back for more.
"Do you have enough for today?"

"Great, we'll see you tomorrow.
Your Father's setting up a banquet table...."

**The Hebrew word 'manna' literally means 'what is it?'
This poem first appeared on my other blog Three Way Light in February 2012

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