What I saw in the Dark

Across the dining room chairs
over the lamp
and past the plants
through the window,
I spy sillhouettes
that awaken and dance
like the pebbled stones
in a child's kaleidoscope,
shape-shifting black
against the not quite white night sky.

Here the leaves move,
there they bend and turn
branches like sky-borne seaweed
in an ocean of night.
Suddenly they stop in place
as if said child
put his toy down
and left his looking,
the pebbled, dancing shapes at rest
as he wandered off to 
gaze at the dancing night sky.
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  1. oh , beautiful imagery! Perfect playdate too!

  2. nice...i like the kaleidiscope...and the imagery you use...the dancing of nature...and the sudden stop, kinda cool close...

  3. A lovely capture, Jody... I especially like:

    branches like sky-borne seaweed
    in an ocean of night

  4. Love the simile of putting the toy down and wandering off to a new discovery. Lovely.

  5. Wonderful images, Jody. My personal favorite--the shapeshifting black against a not quite white night sky.