Sunday Streets

Sunday Streets

The still pavement
holds layers of light movement,
life aloft,
like comforting down
on this different, slow day.

held in quiet, a soft sound
muffled by Sunday feet,
a hush of the every day
that covers them
throughout the week.

travelers less hurried
round the roads and corners,
sure of time,
if not standing still,
at least looking for them
to come.

the walls are welcome,
awaiting worship--
which only starts
when the people
leave their Sunday streets
and sit
and settle
and raise a song
one can only
sing on Sundays.
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  1. Oh, that's what I miss, sitting and settling and singing a Sunday song. I've got a CPAP machine, and in trying to recover from many years of a sleep disorder, I find myself sleeping too late for my church on Sunday mornings. One of these days I'll start waking up earlier, I know I will, and I know I'll be back to raise a Sunday song.
    The joke in my family is I go to church because it's the only place I can sing and not be thrown out!

    1. but Kay, songs like that sung from hearts like yours are the best kind! May you prosper in body soul and spirit this Easter season!

  2. smiles...there is something special about sundays...and the gathering together of the much different than our individual worship...

  3. a hush of the every day

    And how welcome this is, after a loud and busy week...

  4. like comforting down
    on this different, slow day.

    I need more days like this. Beautifully described.

  5. This is a very beautiful offering.

  6. ' and sit
    and settle
    and raise a song' that. Happy Easter Jody :-)

  7. I love the softened quality that says sabbath to me here. Life aloft. Lovely blessing!