#whyisitcalled a hashtag?

and not a number sign
as in "#3"?
(or n-o period 3?)

For that matter,
why is it a "pound sign"?
(as in "Please enter your password,
followed by the pound sign?"
(my son did not weigh
7#'s 3 oz.
it was lbs., thank you.)

You're calling it a hashtag
for tweeters who
twitter (or tweet?
yes, tweet........
but that's a bird)

Maybe it's a hashtag as in
corned beefed hash--
in front of the tag?
as in, "tag, you're it?"
as in....oh, I give up.

just tell me
why is it called a hashtag?
Adding some 'tricks' to the mix, a smile perhaps.  This poem was first posted on my Facebook page in a response to someone who had just joined Twitter.  Now I think I can see the benefit of this social connection--even the NYC Mayor used it last night! 
Linking up with dVerse Poets for Open Link Night 68 and praying for all in harm's way.


  1. hahaha some fun word play in this...it becomes a whole other language....tweetspeak maybe...like texttalk...and minimizing words....

  2. A lot of fun here - I think you are actually on to something with the corned beef hash as there is something mixed up about it all. And the tag - seems to me a bit like a clothing tag? I don't know, but this was fun. Thanks for your kind comments and concern. k.

  3. haha...fun piece Jody. Sometimes things like this are so confusing...

  4. A fun read - made me smile big. - Mosk

  5. Funny piece,and one I completely relate to. A Twitterer I'm not, nor do I twit or tweet or chirp like a bird. My hash comes on a plate, doused in ketchup, and my tags hang from clothing, telling me it costs too much. I wonder if I'm a luddite. If anyone thinks so, they can tweet it to #luddite, but sorry, I won't see it.