With apologies to Wm Carlos Williams

This is just to say we could not eat the plums--
they were so many
pyramided together in plastic,
hailing from casa de Costco
where everything is sold in bulk.

We could not eat the plums.
unripe as they were--
purple/black skins
yielding to (very) firm yellow
(oh! not sweet)

We enlisted children,
yea grandchildren--
the 5 of them, and
their parents
but the pyramid remained piled
for ripening another

Oh--you bought apricots, too?
But we still have these plums........

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  1. haha...i would be all over the plums....i am glad though you invited the grands to jump in...if there are any left...i will eat the plums....smiles.

  2. I hate bitter plums too. but, when they'er ripe yummy. cute work.

  3. cute. I've never been one for plums myself, so I can't help. I will say I'll take the bucket of blackberries from casa de Costco, regardless of tartness...granted a crust them in sugar...

    sweet poem.

  4. Sharp as the plums! I've been there. Kind of fortunately our plum tree hasn't fruited this year!