If All the World were Paper

Sam learns to write--September 2011  jlc.

Thank goodness for paper
in all its glorious forms,
surfaces for saying in pen (cil)
what needs to be said
available everywhere for the asking.

Napkins are handy at that dinner with a friend,
the back of a program
will do when inspiration
strikes during Scene Deux.

Church bulletins--always!--
(but more white space would be nice...)
maybe next to the Small Group announcement?

The endpapers of a book,
the margins of a book.

Writers must write--
and when the Spirit moves,
any paper will do....

Now where did I put that placemat from last week's lunch?

My daughter Leah Johnson is a chef here in Tacoma, WA.
I had lunch there last week and wrote this while I waited for my clam chowder.

Some really great poetry there!


  1. haha true that...i keep mine in a dish on the dresser so i do not lose them...i try to keep a notebook with me at all times but sometimes i leave it in the car or....

  2. Exactly...I went to the drugstore and bought 3 small 5 1/2 x 8 notebooks--one for the nightstand, one for the car, one for my purse.
    Like a good Boy Scout--always prepared.

  3. Fun poem. If the world were paper, I'd be thin.