Truer Gifts

Twelve minutes after two
the blinking red face
confirms as I waken
wondering, why?
I was so very tired
and now I am N O T.
the pulsing numbers push me
back—a book, a bowl of cereal,
a bending black case
with another glowing face
and I click and read,
peruse the people saying
something I didn’t say.
consuming comments not for me
circles where I do not live.

I land with sleepful hope pillowside
thinking, blinking
full and empty at once--
full of other words,
lifeless feasts for my soul
empty in great part because
of this vision and mind meal
feeding nothing.

The hours pass--
red lights proclaim 4:30.
"Perhaps now," I think,
closing my wordful eyes,
the manna I never tasted.
And I remember,
"By day the LORD directs his love,
at night His song is with me,
a prayer to the God of my life."
                     Psalm 42:8

I declare in the dark
and drift off,
dreaming of truer gifts--
water that quenches,
bread that satisfies,

"Next time," I say,
"I'll sing."


  1. Those sleepless nights are definitely hard. I have been there, done that. And those blinking times on the clock drive me bonkers.

  2. smiles...i am glad you found your peace eventually and i bet that last bit of sleep was a beautiful relief.....

  3. I struggle with insomnia so I can definitely relate. Really like your positive ending.


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