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Drinking Song

Thank you, Jesus, you came to The average everyday of us, Chose dwelling in limited space, Smiling your vast smile at our Smallness as we reach for our evening beers Down at the local, Baring our souls as we join heart and soul With our friends. You sit back and rest with us in our glass of wine At the end of a same song day, monotonous like A hamster wheel going nowhere, (you had days like that, too. The keeping on with your wood and your work The always, every dayness of the rabble Rousing around you, their limited sight distance Keeping them from seeing Who You Really Are.)
You choose to sit with us at our corner coffee shops Brushing elbows while we tip back overpriced drinks, Join us in the camaraderie of fellow walkers in The Way As we commiserate about our humanity Sharing the commonality of twin children from Different mothers.
We are not alone, joined with you Who dared to inhabit skin Who bowed to our base people-ness by walking A life with us. You lean in at the chance we …


I bend to be formed, not torn or broken but tempered by heat, a fire so hot the white is all You see of me.
I said “change” and “grow” and I’m bent so low this shape of me is screaming-- melting brass in Your hands, forged by tools so strong I fear the breaking.
But I'm bound to bend, be shaped, sheared shown anew the sound of me, the shine of me, gleaming glory. Yes, choosing to bend not break, become the beautiful breath of sudden sound built by your Spirit (breath) living notes played through me a golden song borne on the wind.... ~~~~~~~~~~
a re-post from the Archives, lo, three years ago