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Thoughts on an Amaryllis

Dry, peeling globe, whiskered, spidery tendrils bottomside. Topside, a thumbnail pokes through plays at growing green threatening strong stalks towards the sky. Blooms are said to hide within-- secrets in scarlet, crimson, peach pearly white, the palest pink-- a plantiferous palette of possibilities. But I do not see their beauty now Cannot feel any joy at what is there unseen.
I'm feeling bulb-like these days, layers of daily, dull, drudge covering a floral wonder. Lacking zip or zeal, taking on water, daily light,  turning when needed. Always turning. Always needed. Feeling not feeling but going by faith that the Spirit, latent though He seems, is there. Waiting, powerful,  pushing in, out, up present always. He'll appear in His time bloom high above the quiet soil and shout, "Life!" at the top of His lungs. So I wait and turn and keep on drinking. ~~~ c. Jody Lee Collins, 2015