English Lesson, Kindergarten

Across the pencils pointed skyward
like so many word-wielding swords
past the gray and steel of 
overflowing desks filled with 
orphaned papers stashed, crumpled askew
over the carpet-bland, sturdy, useable
home to small and hopeful feet
to the doorway--closed.
Through it comes
life and noise and limbs,
any moment now--
eager hearts, chattering faces,
souls on their sleeves--
seven year old movers and shakers.
God, help me see through to their hearts.
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  1. Replies
    1. Prayer is essential....every time. I SO need Jesus' help. Thanks for reading.

  2. You live in the pacific northwest I see. I wish you were my grandkids teacher...they live in Clackamas, SE of Portland. Love your heart.

    1. Thank you, Carol....I appreciate your kind words...

  3. "seven year old movers and shakers."
    All this made me smile, Jody.

    1. Thank you Lisa. Little ones are so hopeful--THEY make me smile....

  4. The fact that you are asking God to help you see the hearts of your students just shows what a great teacher you are! How lucky your students are to have someone in their lives that truly wants to understand them. Blessings, Jody!

  5. "souls on their sleeves" yes, isn't it true? this makes me think of my kids. thanks for sharing, Jody.


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