Why I Write

To say "I will not draw"
because Michelangelo lives 
next door
and is forever showing me
his drawings,
to say, "I will not paint" as
Monet is in his garden
and mixing colors 
for his next great work,
to say "I will not design 
a stitch"
because Edith Head
lives down the street
and is forever flaunting
her work in my face,
(To say, "I will not write"
because So-and-so's 
amazingness with language,
their nuances and phrasing
put me to shame,
and besides....look at those
to say all this
defies the God-breathed
seed inside of me--
the only me who can 
write what I see
through these eyes--
my voice, pouring out 
in words, my way,
not the only way, but a
facet of Him whose voice
began it all.  
I will write be-jeweled
lines to crown this life 
and leave it a better, 
more beautiful place.
That's why I write.
photo of Schlatter Chapel Window, WPC Portland by the Author

Linking with Kelly and the Small Wonder Community.


  1. Amen a million times. Love this. Yes yes yes.

    ...tattooing this on my soul today...

    "I will write be-jeweled
    lines to crown this life
    and leave it a better,
    more beautiful place.
    That's why I write."

  3. Ah! So lovely. May we all truly "leave it a better, more beautiful place." Yes.


  4. LOVE this, Jody. Thank you so much.

  5. Oh. You nailed it, Jody. I love this so much, how you own your voice and the "be-jeweled lines," your hopes of leaving a more beautiful place behind with your words. Thank you for this.

    1. Thank you, Amber..... The words just sorta dropped down from Heaven.

  6. This is really beautiful and very true. Very, very fine. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. I adore this Jody. Every word and the most beautiful reason " to leave it a better, more beautiful place". Were neighbors today at #smallwonder!

  8. Yes! You're unique reflection of God is your gift. :)


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