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Morning Sounds

a robin announces
the day, enthroned
on a branch against
the sky, 
his song lifting
my sorrows
without warning.
The flickers rat-a-tat-tat
their greetings--
Morse code
messaging the news,
"leave tomorrow,
live today,"
and I, like the birds
relish the sounds
and the sun
and settle in.

When Life is Like Ice Skating

When God insisted on Winter I think Jesus chimed in and invented ice skating rinks
(or at least the ice--well, of course, the ice!) All that whirling and twirling jumping and spinning going on. Pratfalls and crashes and grown ups and children whizzing by and falling-- re-upping their bodies umpty-million times. Fun and risk and danger at breakneck speed. He's that kind o' Creator, I'm sure. Clearly one doesn't feel the cold if speed and activity are maintained but bundled up, you also can move slowly, enjoying the view, hands behind you resting at the back breathing deeply the fresh, crisp air as you glide along. I've been skating this wintry season past, steadied on thin blades, hands on the edge rails, avoiding the spills as I keep my eyes straight ahead. Balancing on one leg at times, hands in the air or doubled forward at a racing pace, gravity and momentum kept me going. The cheers from the stands were a boon,  the prize from the kindly judge at the end-- well, it was worth the cold and the close…

Photo Ops

Ripping paper tears,
tape(d) to the back 
of yesterday, rends
asunder the frame
of today's reality.

Too bad the glue
that held the lives
in place, frame-wise,
could not extend
to the flesh and blood
going through family photos and sorrowing over the lives of people torn apart by life.  
There but for the grace of God go I.

Writing Love

The room with the birdsong flowing
through open windows
across the wind,
chattering, noisy sentinels of tall trees,
the room with the light dripping--
(soft as this morning's quilt)
lightening the walls
illuminating the bright air,
the room with silence
save for the tapping of keys--
all this, a noisy quiet
full of a world
of boundless words.