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Sweet Caroline

Caroline Kennedy signing my copy of her new poetry anthology
How like royalty she is And I can’t help wonder to myself, amazed at seeing a small piece of history right in front of me (She Walks in Beauty) And she shares her passion for words; the power of poetry to shape us, to share with us, the common folk just like her, really                                                          (The World is so full of a number of things) caring for our children and a world that clamors and clangs at them (I Corinthians Chapter 13) and she claims (arightly) that beauty and words have a way of love-ing up the world and she urges us, encourages us inspires us with her stories from her living room (Uncle Teddy reciting Paul Revere’s Ride) and I’m convinced anew that the way of life and words which bring wonder to this world (Bring Me all of Your Dreams) are worth the time it takes to put it down on paper and share with our loyal subjects— kings and priests and children all.
We all need somepoems to learn by heart. ~~~~~~ in …