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Roller Derby

I fell flat--face first Down on the ground Hard.
Stopped short, mid-stride Chatting as I rolled Around the corner. (Why I’ll show these young people a thing or two.)
All I wanted to do was Join in the fun— Ah, Family Skate Night. Fellowship with the saints, Be salt and light, Share the joy.
I didn’t exactly want to lay my life down— Well, not quite like that.
Yet there I was— Cut lip, ravaged wrist, Flailing legs, A pile of limbs laid low.
Brother, sister, friend Gathered ‘round with care And offering aspirin, Coming to the old lady’s aid And proving once again There are at least 101 uses For a Ziploc baggie full of ice.
It was totally worth it.

Eden DNA

We were made for Eden
dwellers with God
in his greenglory
and goodness
among the vining
wonder and fragrant trees.

We came from dirt
witness to his filling
of this face of the earth
with his endless
"witch hazel"
"flowering quince"
"red currant"

He charged us as
caretakers of His Garden,
resident keepers inhabiting the 
Heaven here on Earth (truly)
made for eternity (Ecclesiastes 3)
but shorting out our lives
by seeking solace elsewhere.

We sit inside man made metal walls
walking in hallways of heat and light.
We search through screens
for meaning, not meeting
but separating ourselves
from our Maker.

No wonder we want to soar like the birds
as they fly by.  
They remember Who formed and feeds them.
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