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Carrying the Weight

The tonnage of this load
exceeds all legal limits
of a bridge.
You cannot cross it
to the other side.
The crushing weight
of granite grief
will split the spans and
send you spiraling down.

Unless (and
I am no engineer)
the load is
properly distributed
on this barren,
buckling asphalt,
heaving under
the weight
of your shattered,
tear-stained heart.

Yes, we will bear the burden
with you-
even it on our shoulders
like so many wheeled containers,
transporting anguish
across state lines.

We will help to bear the
cargo of pain
that's sent you
careening across this
four lane stretch,
out of fuel
bereft of even water.

A load this great must be borne over a
life's length of days.

And we will wait
on the other side
heads atilt,
looking for your coming
as you cross
waving you on
with signs that
say "Rest Ahead."

Linking with dverse Pub for Open Link Night #75. More healing words there. And prompted by this,  "...whatever portion of sadness that we can share with you


I bend to be formed, not torn or broken but tempered by heat, a fire so hot the white is all You see of me.
I said “change” and “grow” and I’m bent so low this shape of me is screaming-- melting brass in Your hands, forged by tools so strong I fear the breaking.
But I'm bound to bend, be shaped, sheared shown anew the sound of me, the shine of me, gleaming glory. Yes, choosing to bend not break, become the beautiful breath of sudden sound built by your Spirit (breath) living notes played through me a golden song borne on the wind.... ~~~~~~~~~~