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Poets at Play--An Interview with Laurie Klein

Laurie Klein and I first met online after I'd been following her work in print for a number of years. We share a common decade and a love of poetry and song. I then discovered she was blogging and we've been corresponding ever since. Laurie is the author of the prize-winning chapbook 'Bodies of Water, Bodies of Flesh' and the classic praise chorus ''I Love You, Lord.'' Her poems and prose have appeared in many publications, including Ascent, The Southern Review, Atlanta Review, Terrain, and the Holman Personal Worship Bible. She is a recipient of the Thomas Merton Prize for Poetry of the Sacred. Her most recent release in the Poemia Poetry Series from Cascade Books is  "Where the Sky Opens".
Here are a few questions and answers so you can get to know Laurie, a Poet at Play. (for the other poets interviewed on this blog, click here.)
1) Tell me about your writing path--how did it lead you to where you are today? Twenty years ago, sadness launched my…

Kindergarten, January

I never dreamed one day I’d be parsing a picture book explaining to five year olds that yes, a black man was shot by someone who hated him  because of the color of his skin, and before he died he had a Dream for children Just like them.
After the story (required), they—with their earnest, “was he real, teacher?” “yes, he was,” and  me with my tears welling up, held at bay (“I’m the grown up here, after all”) stunned at their beautiful innocence, so sure of what they believe too young to know any other truth, with their small-ish hands placed in front of them, like so many skin-made flowers, a spontaneous array of color spread across the carpet.
And their words, Puzzling, bewildered Again and again, “but I’m just like her, She’s just like him. They shouldn’t have done that. Why did they shoot him? We’re all just the same, teacher.”
And me shuttered speechless, nodding, mumbling, tears on my cheeks, Bungling words that should never be said To five year olds, “They killed him because…