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"That's a deep subject,"
I'd oft repeat, to chide
the speaker for such a lame,
one-word comment.

Well, indeed.
I'm in it at the bottom,
Swimming in my own tears
drowning in grief that I
must haul up bucket
by bucket.

But the hauling is needful--
the bucket-at-a time tending
a necessary process.
The grief needs to be felt and
measured--lived through
to measure me--
I do not want to come up short
but learn from this
deep, deep hole,
and coming back up,
take this pain, put it to
good use, to see past the
bucket and the baling
and the bawling,
on to the wishes coming true for me.

Wish me well.
~~~~~~~~ Linking with Emily and other redeemed ones for
Imperfect Prose, where my irl friend Kimberlee shares her story about darkness depression and God in 'lovely limbs.' Join us?
~~~~~~~~~~ I wrote this poem last month, the day after I was terminated from a job that I thought was perfect for me--teaching four year olds with Head Start. Alas, it was 'not a good fit' (I love semantics…